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Strategy Objective

In the spring of 2012, we centralized our Emerging Markets capabilities in London and launched a dedicated hub. This encompassed our holistic approach to investing across the Global EM spectrum, enabling Debt and Equity Portfolio Managers along with Research Analysts to work closely together in one location. Thus creating an effective way to implement our process, by ensuring full coverage and expertise across the asset class, leveraging different capabilities to better utilise resources and provide a complete perspective on key companies and markets. We have been invested in Emerging Market Debt strategies since 2000, and has enhanced its approach with the growth of the market through new hires and strategy innovation ensuring greater degree of specialisation.


Inception Date

July 1, 1999



Barclays U.S. Universal

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Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets Bond
Emerging Markets Bond Local Currencies   N/A

High Yield

Emerging Markets Corporate High Yield Bond   N/A
Euro High Yield   N/A

These strategies operate in Fonds Commun de Placement ("FCP") vehicles. Some of our strategies are also available in a Société d'Investissement à Capital Variable ("SICAV") vehicle. Please ask us for more information.